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    Continuity is the key – We´ll keep working for you.

Reykjavik – your home and mine

Continuity is the key – We´ll keep working for you.
Samfylkingin – The Social Democratic Alliance


  • We will prepare an information package Welcome to Reykjavik
  • We want to continue developing good counselling services for immigrants
  • We want to offer information material both in easy Icelandic and in your language


Reykjavik has become a multicultural society and we wouldn´t change that for the world. We should be proud of how many people from all over the world have chosen to live with us, their participation is priceless. Whether you move to Reykjavik from the Western Fjords or Warsaw, you need information on what Reykjavik has to offer.

  • We will prepare an information package Welcome to Reykjavik
  • We want to continue developing good counselling services for immigrants
  • We want to offer information material both in easy Icelandic and in your language

Empowering mother-tongue education and multicultural competence in school

  • We want to provide both mother-tongue teaching in schools AND enhanced Icelandic teaching for immigrant children
  • We want to start a pilot project hiring 5 teachers travelling from school to school teaching children their mother-tongue
  • We want to provide the necessary tools in many more languages, cooperating with parents´ and migrants´ associations
  • We want to give immigrant parents the support they need to be able to support their children in school
  • We want to cooperate more with grassroot organisations such as Mother-tongue (Móðurmál).

Reykjavik should stand with those in need.

  • We want to enhance counselling for everyone who has suffered domestic violence or other gender-based violence
  • We want to do better supporting these individuals financially so they can build up their lives again
  • We want to make sure that people with a migrant background enjoy sufficient pension rights and don´t end up socially isolated in old age

Reykjavik should set an example for all other employers of immigrants

  • We want no discrimination on hiring
  • We want to offer Icelandic courses at work
  • We want equal pay independent on where you come from and we want your education and experience to be valued.
  • We want to increase intercultural competence amongst all staff.


Children´s well-being is the most important goal in all our lives. Children have the right to enjoy equal rights to develop their talents and use their opportunities independent of whether their parents are rich or not. We will never accept poverty and social isolation of children in Reykjavik.

Increased grants for leisure activities and more reductions for siblings

  • We want to increase the amount of the City´s grant for leisure activities (Frístundakort) to 50.000 kr. per child
  • Currently, you get a reduction in fees when you have two children in pre-school or after-school programmes. We want the reduction to apply also when you have one child in preschool and one in school.

More support for families

  • We want to make sure your children get healthy food in school for a fair price
  • We want to focus on increasing participation of immigrant children in sports and other leisure activities

Bridging the gap between parental leave and preschool

Families with infants do not want to live through times of uncertainty at the end of an all too short parental leave.

  • We want to begin a step-by-step programme receiving infants in preschools at an earlier age
  • We want to increase pressure on the government to keep their promise of a longer parental leave

Stronger Neighbourhoods, better Reykjavik

  • We want to keep projects such as Better Reykjavik and Better Neighbourhoods
  • We want to finalize the neighbourhood planning concept on sustainability and opportunities in every neighbourhood


The work of schools and leisure facilities are the basis of equal opportunities and well-being for our children so they can prosper and develop into strong and creative individuals.

  • We celebrate cultural diversity in schools and leisure activities
  • Every school should be able to accommodate children’s needs so they can develop their individual strengths and interests
  • We want to make sure that all children have sufficient reading capabilities
  • We want children to have more influence on what they study and how
  • We want to make children more aware of the environment by taking the classroom outside

Diverse leisure activities

  • We want to develop opportunities of leisure activities to support social competences and self-perception
  • We want to enhance coordination of leisure activities and schools for the youngest

Equal opportunities

  • We want offer more opportunities for children to attend cultural events all over the city
  • We want to increase opportunities for children and young people to get to know their environment and experience Icelandic nature

Active parents

  • We want to make sure that all parents have the opportunity to participate actively in their school´s activities and policy

Combatting drop-out

  • We want to decrease drop-out rates through better cooperation with young people themselves, their families and improved cooperation between primary and secondary schools

Teachers and leisure activity counsellors provide an important basis for our children´s future.

  • We want to create solidarity between City, parents and experts on the importance of the teaching profession and the respect for our children´s education
  • We want to make jobs in schools, pre-schools, and after-school programmes more attractive by improving working conditions and salary

Using the potential of pre-schools

  • Pre-schools offer huge opportunities to provide a solid ground for learning how to read
  • We will increase support pre-school work because creativity and play are necessary to activating our children´s possibilities, self-esteem and social competence.


We all matter and participating in society is everyone´s right. We will never accept poverty or social exclusion here in Reykjavik.

  • We want to provide those needing financial assistance with opportunities of work, study, work rehabilitation or treatment.
  • We want to pay for leisure activities and school meals for children of parents who could otherwise not afford this service
  • We want to ensure that immigrant children can participate in quality leisure activities
  • We want to combat social isolation of the elderly, not least elderly immigrants

Guarding the rights of the disabled, inspired by an ideology of independency for everyone

  • We want to accommodate the needs of disabled people in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People
  • We want to define a right for service independent of actual housing situations

Human Rights of the Homeless

  • No-one should have to sleep outside in Reykjavik. We want to safeguard human rights of the homeless through realistic measures.


In recent years, Reykjavik has been established as a capitol of human rights. People in Reykjavik are liberally-minded and proud of the diversity here.

  • We are going to enhance multicultural competences in schools and leisure activities and mother-tongue  teaching
  • We want to safeguard human rights of the disabled and their right to make their own decisions
  • We want to strengthen independent Councils of young people, the elderly as well as the Multicultural Council
  • We want to combat violence, not least gender and domestic violence and particularly safeguard children living in such circumstances
  • We want to eliminate unexplained wage gaps and promote the system of equal pay certifications for employers
  • We want to educate children and citizens of all ages on equality, stereotypes, different family patterns and democracy


Reykjavik is a UNESCO City of Literature, a hotspot for international music festivals, a world-wide renowned film-set and the centre of creative activities in all art fields.

Access to culture

  • We want all inhabitants to have access to culture and arts both as art lovers and active participants
  • We want to give the City´s culture card (menningarkort) providing free access to a number of facilities, such as libraries and museums to invalids and unemployed people.
  • We want to celebrate diversity in the city´s cultural life.
  • We want arts and cultural education to become an important part of the education system.


People in Reykjavik want to be able to choose from a variety of jobs. There is a lot the city can do to help make this possible. Diversity, knowledge as well as arts and crafts should be our priority.

Connecting people and companies

  • We want to make sure the city creates the right economic environment for the labour market.
  • We want to focus on marketing Reykjavik even better for diverse domestic and international investment.

Tourism creates a lively city, diversity, jobs and cultural events we would not want to miss.

  • We want to focus on sustainability in marketing the city
  • We want to open a Museum of Natural History in Perlan together with the government.


We all want to live in a city of short distances between services, shops, schools, work and nature.

  • Therefore, we are developing a city where areas are diverse and apartments affordable.
  • We want to create beautiful squares, lively playgrounds and public gardens

Driving, biking, taking the bus or walking – in Reykjavik we need all of this!

  • We want to offer more diverse solutions for inner city transport.
  • We want to enhance public transport
  • We want to improve bike lanes even more and continue to improve walking paths and bike lanes around schools

Green city, better air quality

  • We want to rely entirely on domestic and eco-friendly fuel for busses
  • We want to reduce waste and increase recycling
  • We want to make the city centre more enjoyable during the summer, e.g. by creating more temporary pedestrian zones
  • We want to increase the number of kitchen gardens, public gardens and berry bushes.
  • We want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


During the coming years, the number of elderly people will increase considerably. Elderly people today are often very active, live longer and have a variety of interests and activities during this stage of life. At the same time, elderly people need to rely upon a strong net of support and care options, from home assistance to nursing homes.

  • We want to offer flexible retirement and diverse leisure activities
  • We want museums to offer free culture events
  • We want to strengthen cooperation between community centres and senior citizens
  • We want to help senior citizen stay healthy.
  • We want to safeguard pension rights of immigrant seniors and prevent their social isolation.

Home services and nursing, rehabilitation and day-care

  • We want elderly people to be able to live in their homes as long as possible
  • We want to increase the number of adequate rental housing for the elderly
  • We want more service for those on waiting lists for nursing homes
  • We want to safeguard privacy and human rights of the elderly